A geological survey as well as a study of the steel concrete and earthquake hazards are compulsory and must be conducted by professionals before the construction of your home can be undertaken.


  • The foundations are generally continuous footing but may also be laid on concrete blocks or on restored land if necessary.
  • The base is steel concrete.
  • The floors are prestressed beams, different thickness interjoist fillers or insulating materials, depending on use (ground, attic) including topping with iron framework, open webs, girders.
  • Standing walls are 20 cm hollow cement or steel concrete blocks.
  • Sills and supports are stone or material selected by client.
  • Based on client request, the framework may be traditional with beams, baulks, PST or small trusses.
  • Client may select double row tile cornices with old tiles or new aged tiles, including the gutter-guard.
  • Ceilings are generally BA 13 (plasterboard) or plaster, based on client request.
  • Walls are coated either with BA 13 (plasterboard) on rails and insulated with mineral wool (10 cm) or with 0,5 m + 0,1 m mineral wool and plaster.
  • Partitions are BA 13 (framed plasterboard), waterproofer in wet areas (kitchen and bathroom), or 0,5 m double-sided partition plaster tiles, amounting to 0,7 m thickness.
  • As a whole, thermal insulation goes greatly beyond the RT 2005 regulatory requirements.


  • Outside and inside woodwork will be selected with the client (PVC, ALU or wood and double glazing – 4 x 10 4).
  • The client selects the front door.
  • The clients selects shutters, which may be swing, board and batten, flat panel shutters, or systematically motorized louvre shutters.
  • Railings are selected by the client.


  • Electrical equipment complies with the new NF C-15-100 standard.
  • Heating may be electrical with wall heaters (convector or radiant with electronic thermostat or with low temperature heating floors or ceilings. It may also work with natural gas, propane, fuel oil or green energy (see ECO HABITAT tab).
  • Single reversible heat pump or supply duct air conditioning.
  • Mechanical or with water heater venting.
  • Bathroom fixtures (toilet, sink, valves) are selected by the client.


Tiling and faïence are selected by the client or with the assistance and advice of CALARCO CONCEPT.

Warranties and insurance

Ten-year Construction and Wood France construction Warranty.

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