The SARL CALARCO CONCEPT, created in May 2005, has an ongoing mission to satisfy its customers with its serious proposals, knowledge and understanding of construction and renovation.
A few years ago, the company began to branch out into new areas of activity, including polished concrete and Home Staging, and became an EDF BLEU CIEL partner in order to better adapt itself to customer demand.
After completing a training course provided by the CNDB, the SARL CALARCO CONCEPT has advanced into a new phase in which it hopes to offer customers the chance to build their own Timber-Framed House.
This is why the company is now seeking commercial representation in the regions of the Maritime Alps (06) and the Var (83), to gain a better understanding of the needs and desires of their customers.

Job Description :

Within the framework of its business development, the SARL CALARCO CONCEPT is currently seeking FACILITATORS.
Your role will be that of a business representative, responsible for scouting the market and forming customer connections at the levels of Project Manager or Architect, for whom you will be the single point of contact with the company.
Required Experience:
More than 3 years of commercial experience with a strong background in the construction and real-estate sectors.

Product to be promoted :

You will receive a manual that will enable you to familiarize yourself perfectly with the process of manufacture and construction of Timber-Framed Houses…

Remuneration :

As an independent business person and/or a self-starter, you will receive your remuneration in the form of sales commission.
Our expectations of you are the following:
– That you be conscientious, serious, hardworking, well-organised and highly motivated
– That you possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and passionate drive

If you would like to offer your candidature, kindly email us your CV to :
We will respond to your approach very quickly.

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