Timber-Framed Houses

The Rio Treaty and Kyoto Protocol fixed targets for greenhouse gas limitation. France has undertaken to reduce its domestic energy consumption, which represents 42.5% of the nation’s overall energy consumption and 25% of its greenhouse gas production. This phenomenon causes global warming, principally generated by the use of combustible fossil fuels (petrol, coal, and gas) – hence, its direct link with domestic heating.

In the global assessment of natural ecosystems a reduction of 30% in natural wealth was noted between 1970 and 1995. The ecological footprint of human activity on a global scale engenders an exploitation of natural resources that exceeds 25% of the planet’s regenerative biocapacity.

This new awareness of environmental problems led France to establish the Grenelle Round Table Summit, clearly warranted by the urgency of the ecological problem.

Now it is the responsibility of every country and every individual to take steps to tackle the issue with a massive coordinated effort.

Global warming is the environmental challenge of the 21st century.

Source: Living Planet Report 2006 wwf

What is a low energy-consumption house ?

The Earth receives from the sun more than 10,000 times the total energy currently being used by Man. Solar energy is intermittent, but clean and available. The idea of energy conservation is to obtain the same comfort level using less energy. Its aim is also to release few pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. The world must face the likelihood of the exhaustion of fossil reserves as our energy needs grow.

It should be noted that the 2005 thermal regulations defined energy consumption limits for heating residential buildings at a level of 110 kWh per m² per year. However, for LOW ENERGY-CONSUMPTION HOUSES, the thermal regulations indicate a much lower, obligatory limit of 50 kWh per m² per year on energy consumption for heating. France has declared it as a national goal for these low energy consumption limits to be fixed for all new buildings for which construction permits are issued after the end of the year 2012.

A professional team wants to hear your point of view :

In the first instance, you will be meeting with our Architect, who is an expert in timber-framed construction (MOB), with low consumption of either passive or positive energy. You will exchange ideas, and information about your needs and expectations. Then, he will propose a selection of projects, which will be refined in the course of your meetings. The final plan will then be sent to our manufacturing unit. Each house is unique, because each customer is unique. Our architect will be your mediator, who can provide you with guidance and advice about your turnkey housing project. We will take ensure the supervision of all issues relating to price and project timetable.

The CALARCO CONCEPT designs not only timber-framed houses, but also offices and many other types of building. Our projects are anti-seismic and undergo prior planning by qualified engineers to ensure rapid and easy assembly, because the precut panels are light and extremely resistant. The housing unit is safe, unique in its esthetic design, and very pleasant to live in.

Bioclimatic vision is the search for balance between :

. The concept and the building of a residential structure

. The climate and the environment of the building area

. The lifestyle of the occupants

Bring your projects to life !

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