You have decided to have your house built, but you do not want just any house. 
You want it to be:
Environmentally friendly: to make sure its presence would not disturb the environment or the view.
Healthy: because it would be made from materials which are harmless to you and your family.
“Bioclimatic”:  whist using the natural elements it will resist against temperature variation and also bring you an economical way of heating.
Economical :  because investment in the construction would be recuperated little by little thanks to the economical running of the house. 
Any ecological investment becomes economical over time, and especially with today’s energy prices constantly increasing.
Discover the pleasure of living in a clean and healthy environment using natural resources, like sun and water whilst contributing to environmental protection. 
We will to help you to create this house, anticipate your needs and advise you on how to carry it out.  Today you have made a necessary and wise decision in order to respect our planet.
Banking loans
Special construction work
–   Renovation
–   Thermal insulation using natural materials
–   Installation and improvement of heating systems (wood heating, solar energy etc)
–   Solar Panel Installation
French Grant to improve social access

If you want to carry out improvement work or work to conserve energy, contact the appropriate credit companies.  The loan could cover up to 100% of the total cost.
Subsidies are available from Finan ANAH and ADEME to improve the energy efficiency of your home”
– Insulation
– Modernisation of heating systems
– Installation of wood fired boiler

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